Call Me Productions Ltd. - “Call Me” Updates

Charles Beeson has been appointed director of “Call Me” and is already working on early pre-production, recruiting senior crew members for our upcoming feature "Call me". Principal photography is planned for autumn 2018. We are honoured to announce that legendary cinematographer Douglas Milsome will be Director of Photography for “Call Me”. Doug was previously DOP for Stanley Kubrick with an impressive list of film credits including “Full Metal Jacket”, “The Shining”, “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves” and many others. A true craftsman, Doug is already working on ideas and is looking forward to shooting at our chosen East End locations, photographing the predominately female cast. We are also grateful to Twickenham Studios who are supporting the production and we look forward to working with them later this year. Twickenham has a world-wide reputation and their involvement will help ensure we produce a beautiful and well crafted film.


Work on casting principal roles is in progress and further announcements will be made at the appropriate time. “Call Me” has a 90% female cast including leads and over 60% of them are from ethnic minorities. We feel it is important that “Call Me” truly representative and reflects accurately the diverse nature of our story. The script was written from personal experience and the characters we created are true to life and authentically portray the lives and the hardships endured by women every day.

'CALL ME' Plot Summary:

Five ordinary women, written off by society and with seemingly nothing to live for, discover their true selves through the medium of an adult chat-line with a difference. Their vulnerabilities are exploited by their nemesis, evil boss Jean, who bullies them and pays poor wages whilst, at the same time, royally ripping off the male callers. Leader of the group Mary hits on the idea of setting up their own chat-line, forming a women's co-op and sharing the profits themselves, as she says "they are the talent". We then follow them as they struggle to set up their own call centre in an old warehouse. But they are not going to rip off the callers; they are going to help them. This is a positive and heart-warming story. They are tough women, surviving on their wits, charm and guile. They bribe a chat-line caller Roy - (The Banker), to help them get started. They then recruit a group of women from all walks of life - traffic wardens, cleaners, barmaids, ice cream sellers and train them to be chat-line operators but more than that, they become friends. Evil boss Jean will stop at nothing to put them out of business….and now it all kicks off!

Charity Dividend:

We are passionate about supporting charities and seek to do so in two distinct ways. First we intend to work with local community based charities in London seeking to help young people back into work through offering work experience and placements as part of our production. Working with an experienced cast and crew may inspire them to greater things. Second we want to use income from premieres and screenings to support smaller local charities especially those who support women, young people and help economically excluded communities find a voice. Our primary aim is to make you, the investor a profitable return and then together we can support fantastic charities helping thousands of vulnerable people.

The Production Team

Subject to final contract we are assembling a multi-talented principal crew.

Producer/ Scriptwriter Philip Walker, Co-Producer John Dodds ("1984"/"Merchant of Venice"/"Flawless"/"Retrospective"/”The Ghost”), Director Charles Beeson (“Band of Gold”/ Kavanagh QC”/”Containment”), Cinematographer Douglas Milsome (“Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”, “Full Metal Jacket”, “The Shining”), Editor Lesley Walker ("Mamma Mia"/"Shadowlands"/"The Fisher King"), Production Designer Amanda Bernstein (Tim Burton’s ”Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”), Casting Director Gillian Hawser ("What Happened to Monday”/"Mums’ List"), Location Consultant Nick Daubeny ("Mission Impossible 3"/"Dark Knight Rises"/"Inception"), Associate Producer Michael Stevenson ("The Shining"/"Harry Potter 1,2&3"/"War Horse""), Make up Ann Buchanan (“Four Weddings & a Funeral”, “Hugo”, “The Tudors”) , Production Accountant Dean Sipling ("Babylon"/"Room at the Top"/"Little White Lies"/”Collette”), Consultant Producer Barry Smith – former partner at Field Fisher LLP Media Department.

Finance & Legal

Our legal team is headed by Tom Guida and Emily Mortimer of Field Fisher LLP (top 3 in media law section Legal 500). Tom was a New York “Super Lawyer” before joining Field Fisher and is widely regarded as one of the top legal advisers to UK film companies. Work includes “American Idol”, “Munchies” and many other UK and US productions. Chris Thomas of Thomas Harris is the company accountants for Call Me productions Ltd who has thirty years’ experience in the music industry and more recently UK film business. Chris has worked with some of the UK’s top creative talents including Pink Floyd. HMRC have granted full SEIS/EIS status to the project and given permission for Call Me Productions Ltd to issue qualify shares to our investors and certificates for those seeking UK tax relief under the scheme. This is the governments’ tax relief scheme which enables UK tax payers to invest in film production whilst at the same time gaining optimum UK tax relief.