Investment Opportunity:

With a modest budget of £2.2 million and a cast including several high profile internationally recognised actors, 'Call Me' could represent a worthwhile investment opportunity. Our production has the potential to offer a higher equity per dollar return than larger budget films with less well known casts.
A qualifying UK investor could take advantage of certain tax reliefs through the HMRC SEIS/EIS scheme. 'Call Me Productions Ltd' has been granted authority by HMRC to issue shares under the Enterprise and Seed Investment Scheme as a UK qualifying film company in respect of 'Call Me'. This entitles UK individuals to relief against their current income tax liabilities, capital gains deferment on other gains and tax free capital gains on this investment. Therefore, an investor who is liable to pay UK tax could benefit under the SEIS/EIS tax relief scheme with an investment in Call Me productions. This is a genuine government tax relief scheme to encourage investment in UK film production. Any potential investors should seek independent financial advice before considering an investment.