Our Time Productions UK Ltd.

Our Time Productions is a registered UK company formed by Maximus Pictures to produce feature films developed from Maximus and externally sourced scripts. Current directors are Writer/Producer Phil Walker and his business partner Mary Waters. Since forming the company in 2019, Our Time Productions has grown rapidly and is currently supported by a number of key investors who are keen to see the company produce new and exciting British films. We have brought together a strong and experienced team of film professionals who share our desire to deliver cutting edge British drama.

Our Aim

Our Time Productions (OT Prods), has been given the brief to seek out new and original writing, to develop and nurture to the point of production. We firmly believe that the production of film and high end television is a team effort and actively seek partners to work with us on a variety of new projects.

'Film is a Team Game'

The production of film and high end television can be lengthy and costly and is extremely hard work. It can take several years to bring a project to fruition and can involve many contributors and is dependent on exploiting those key landmark moments that can lead to success. Production can also be complicated; there are numerous fundamental elements that contribute to the successful production of film. Film and television production is without doubt, a team effort. No one person can claim to know everything or is capable of doing it all themselves, that is why Our Time Productions is a team. Men and women who love film and the creative process, people with vast experience and exceptional abilities, dedicated to producing film and television of the highest quality.

“Our Time”

“Our Time” is a heart warming story of passion and energy. It is a tale of five best friends who are torn apart by the rigors of modern life and despite all the odds find a way to come together. There are moments that will make you smile and sometimes laugh out loud. Genuine warmth and love between friends and partners, countering the political intrigue, in fighting and double dealing, often leading to conflict and climactic resolutions. Above all “Our Time” is the story of a woman who refused to accept her predestined lot in life. She would not sit quiet and watch her friends suffer and so determined to challenge authority, despite her humble background. Does she ultimately succeed or does the system protect itself and destroy her?

Our Time Productions - “Our Time” Updates

Our Time Productions UK Ltd is in early pre-production for their upcoming feature "Our Time". Writer/producer Phil Walker has been working with co-producer John Dodds and production accountant Dean Sipling to prepare a full schedule and a detailed budget. It is anticipated that we will be able to produce the film with a budget in the region of £3.2 million. This will allow us and our partners to make the film in the full expectation of a reasonable return on investment. Making film is after all a business. Further work has been undertaken on the script and Phil Walker has been working with director Charles Beeson on this aspect. We now have a completed draft, ready to be taken into pre-production.

Charles is of course a highly experienced and award winning director with a long list of high end credits and has recently just completed work on a new NBC mini-series “Enemy Within”, for US television. We are honoured to announce that legendary cinematographer Douglas Milsome is keen to take the role of Director of Photography. Douglas has worked with many top directors including several films with Stanley Kubrick. He has an impressive list of film credits including “Full Metal Jacket”, “The Shining”, “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves” and many others. We also welcome as part of the team, Gillian Hawser as our casting director. Gillian is well known in the UK and US casting world with an extensive list of credits. “Our Time” can rely on Gillian to provide us with a highly gifted and notable cast when we move into the casting phase.

The Production Team

Members of the Our Time Production team include the following key contributors.

Producer/ Scriptwriter Philip Walker, Co-Producer John Dodds ("1984"/"Merchant of Venice"/"Flawless"/"Retrospective"/”The Ghost”), Director Charles Beeson (“Band of Gold”/ Kavanagh QC”/”Containment”), Cinematographer Douglas Milsome (“Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”, “Full Metal Jacket”, “The Shining”), Production Designer Amanda Bernstein (Tim Burton’s ”Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”), Casting Director Gillian Hawser ("What Happened to Monday”/"Mums’ List"), Michael Stevenson ("The Shining"/"Harry Potter 1,2&3"/"War Horse""), Make up Ann Buchanan (“Four Weddings And A Funeral”, “Hugo”, “The Tudors”) , Production Accountant Dean Sipling ("Babylon"/"Room at the Top"/"Little White Lies"/”Collette”), Consultant Producer Barry Smith – former partner at Field Fisher LLP Media Department

Finance & Legal

Our legal team is headed by Tom Guida of Field Fisher LLP (top 3 in media law section Legal 500). Tom was a New York “Super Lawyer” before joining Field Fisher and is widely regarded as one of the top legal advisers to UK film companies. Work includes “American Idol”, “Munchies” and many other UK and US productions. Chris Thomas of Thomas Harris is the company accountant for Our Time Productions UK Ltd. With thirty years’ experience in the music and film business, Chris has worked with some of the UK’s top creative talents including Pink Floyd. An application seeking full SEIS/EIS status for the company is being processed by HMRC. As the company grows, Our Time Productions UK Ltd seeks to be in a position to offer the option of issuing qualifying shares to our potential investment partners. SEIS/EIS is the official government tax relief scheme which enables UK tax payers to invest in film production whilst at the same time gaining optimum UK tax relief.