Maximus Pictures Ltd

MAXIMUS PICTURES was born out of a desire to write and produce striking British drama that sincerely reflects the world we inhabit. More than that, we want to entertain you. Film is the most dynamic medium and can move people to tears or have them howling with laughter. Our actors, crew and post production team all share one goal, to produce work that can inspire and involve you the audience.

We began as writing and producing film shorts. Our first work was a silent short "Looking after Mum". Our first work was a silent short "Looking after Mum". We provided the screenplay and co-produced the film with the then newly formed Bad Pony Media Group. It was entered into the Orange BAFTA shorts in 2008 and was a finalist in the Scottish region as voted for by the public. Shortly after we wrote and co-produced another award winning short "Elizabeth" featuring the established Scottish actress Mary Waters. The film was a historical drama, a behind the scenes look at what might have happened in Elizabeth's court on the eve of the Spanish Armada. In 2013 we teamed up with Claire-Monique Martin and the British Filmmakers Alliance (BFA) to produce a new film short "Waiting for Liz". Shot on location in Glasgow and again working with the team at Bad Pony. The film focuses on the life of Elizabeth Taylor.

In 2015 we incorporated Call Me Productions Ltd to produce our new feature film “Call Me”

"Call Me" – New Feature Film

“5 ordinary women…1 adult chat-line…their triumph over oppression…a heart-warming and bitter-sweet comedy”

Call Me Productions UK in association with Twickenham Studios is in pre-production for a new feature film “Call Me” written by Phil Walker. A story of ordinary women, written off by society, abused, neglected and living in poverty, they set up their own adult chat-line to try and make extra money. Despite having no capital, no office and threats to stop them from the Mob, they triumph over prejudice and huge odds and win through. “Call Me” is a gritty, heart-warming story with real and engaging characters.